The Traditional Chinese Version of Mahjong

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game played with tiles or with cards with a unique design. Mahjong is a very popular gambling game in East Asia, especially in China and in Japan. A variation of the game is also very popular in North America. You can find variety of game variations in online gaming sites. Here you can learn about the traditional game rules.


Mahjong is usually played with 4 players. The game set includes 144 tiles or cards. The set has to contain 3 tile suits of circles, bamboos and characters, numbered from 1 to 9. Each suit tile has four matching copies. In addition to four directions – north, south, east and west – and four copies of each, three colors – red, green and white – double four. Bonus tiles can include four flowers and the four seasons tiles.


Mahjong has different variations and the game rules can vary from one game version to another. According to the classic game, each player is dealt 13 tiles, which he can remove and replace during the game, striving to create a winning 14 tiles hand. A winning hand in mahjong has to contain four sets of three and a pair. The set is traditionally created of three matching tiles or three tiles of the same suit in numerical order.


You can find a variety of online mahjong games on the internet. One of the most popular versions of online mahjong is mahjong solitaire, where you can play alone against the computer. The online version of the traditional Chinese game uses the classic tile designs and it has different versions with different rules.

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