Masters of Jai-Alai

Jai-Alai players play probably the fastest game in the world, where a stone-hard ball called pelota flies at up to 150 miles per hour speed. Therefore, Jai-Alai players must be very fast and agile to be able to catch and throw the pelota with such speed.

Being fast is still not enough to be a good Jai-Alai player. Jai-Alai players also must have a head on their shoulders, extremely quick reactions and the talent of anticipation. Even the fastest sprinter in the world will not earn a single point in Jai-Alai if he will chase the pelota but will not be able to catch it or to throw it at the right moment. The key to a successful shot is being at the right position, when rival players are at the wrong ones. Even though, there is no time to make decisions, good Jai-Alai players succeed in predicting the other team players and using their errors against them.

Most Jai-Alai players have their own styles and stick to them strictly. Learning all Jai-Alai techniques can take a life time, therefore many Jai-Alai players concentrate on perfecting certain moves and only use them during the game. If you watch the game of Jai-Alai attentively you will note that certain players use certain moves and very rarely if ever use other ones.

There are very few master Jai-Alai players in the world. The game is very difficult and not popular enough to attract more sportsmen. Generally, the 5 names listed below consist of all top class Jai-Alai masters who play in the U.S.A. today. There is no specific order, because all of them are really good in their field and can barely be compared with each other.

  • Rekalde
    A young player from Miami. Being very young, he already is a widely recognized Jai-Alai master that dominates in all fields containing power, placement and catching.
  • Goicoechea
    Is known for his powerful cortada shot (ball thrown low and hard to the inside). This player is young and strong and probably can be considered the best singles player in the world today.
  • Aperri
    The last national champion from Orlando. The player plays at right-side position and throws the forehand rebote shots with heat. He frequently uses placement and throws excellent cortada shots.
  • Arregui
    5 times frontcourt champion from Dania. He is the most prolific shot-maker in the world today, who loves to make a quick point. His strong shot is remate (a backhand two-walled throw).
  • Arriaga
    A top star player from Dania. He persistently throws forehand throws and takes over points keeping rival players in bad positions.

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