Online Scratch Cards

The online scratch cards offer a pleasant gaming in only a few clicks and with no hassle at all. The risk with the scratch cards is very low and the prizes are relatively high. The online scratch cards can be found at any of the casino sites and the registered online lottery sites.

Scratch cards are a popular alternative to lottery games. They are perfect for players who do not like to risk a lot of money but still looking for a game of chance.

The greatest advantages the scratch cards offer are the ability to find out immediately whether you win or lose and the simplicity of the game that requires neither skills nor talent.


After purchasing a scratch card, all you need to do is scratch off the top layer of the card and in a minute you will find out whether you have won or lost. In order to scratch an online scratch card, you need to click on the marked spots and reveal the symbols.

How to Win

All you have to do is scratch the card and have a set of matching symbols. If the spots that have been scratched reveal three identical symbols, then you have won the jackpot.

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